June 2018

10 MIN

Made in Holland

The Made in Holland exhibition explores the development and dissemination of ceramic techniques, styles and products, with the Netherlands as a focal point.

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May 2019


The Frisian Street festival

The Frisian Street festival is a yearly event which is free for all and throughout the whole city centre. This last weekend of May is filled with theatre in the streets and a lot of music. 

June 2019

15 MIN

Promised Land Festival

Promised Land Festival is a harder styles music festival in Leeuwarden.

July 2019

15 MIN

Welcome to The Village

Welcome to The Village is a festival hosted during the Summer, and takes place in the Kleine Wielen (close to Leeuwarden). Artists from around the world come to Leeuwarden to entertain everyone during the festival, which includes over 70 acts. These artists are both well known and new and upcoming artists.

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August 2019

10 MIN

Into The Grave