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The Oldehove is the city's figurehead. Our very own "Tower of Pisa". The construction of the tower started in 1529, but was never completed. And although the tower never had a special function, it has become one of the most characteristic buildings of the city and is therefore called the pride of Leeuwarden. 

10 MIN


Until 2007, the Blokhuispoort was Leeuwarden's prison. Now it is a cultural business centre where all sorts of creative people are based. There is a hostel where you can experience what it is like to spend the night in a cell, a restaurant and several shops. This historical environment is definitely worth a visit!


The Weighing House

De Waag, the Weighing House, is a centuries-old monumental building that was once used for trading dairy products. Nowadays, it is a place where you can enjoy a cosy drink or a delicious lunch while admiring a unique sight. A must-see, if you ask us!