Broadsje Bakery

For the last 16 years, Broadsje Bakery has been pretty much legendary in Leeuwarden. Here you will find the most delicious breads, baguettes and fresh cookies - all made with organic ingredients, and most important, with love. Oh and don’t miss out on those other local Frisian pastries that are laying around. Definitely worth a visit! 


Loetje Leeuwarden

You've probably heard of (or eaten at) Loetje before, but Loetje Leeuwarden is unique in itself. The restaurant is located in a renovated mansion from the 19th century with a cozy interior and fine bar. You can enjoy the whole evening here and indulge in delicious dishes, but also for lunch Loetje Leeuwarden is a wonderful place.


Proeflokaal Wouters

Proeflokaal Wouters is a cosy place where you can go for a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a drink, lunch and a delicious dinner. It is situated at a cosy and unique location opposite Leeuwarden railway station, just about next to our hotel. Good to know: when a dinner is included in the package, it is usually a dinner at Proeflokaal Wouters.