Broadsje Bakery

For the last 16 years, Broadsje Bakery has been pretty much legendary in Leeuwarden. Here you will find the most delicious breads, baguettes and fresh cookies - all made with organic ingredients, and most important, with love. Oh and don’t miss out on those other local Frisian pastries that are laying around. Definitely worth a visit! 


Loetje Leeuwarden

You've probably heard of (or eaten at) Loetje before, but Loetje Leeuwarden is unique in itself. The restaurant is located in a renovated mansion from the 19th century with a cozy interior and fine bar. You can enjoy the whole evening here and indulge in delicious dishes, but also for lunch Loetje Leeuwarden is a wonderful place.


Proeflokaal Wouters

Proeflokaal Wouters is a cosy place where you can go for a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a drink, lunch and a delicious dinner. It is situated at a cosy and unique location opposite Leeuwarden railway station, just about next to our hotel. Good to know: when a dinner is included in the package, it is usually a dinner at Proeflokaal Wouters. 


The Grutterswinkel

In the old days, supermarkets were in the form of small gruttershops, and in the heart of Leeuwarden you can still find such a shop. When you open the door, it is as if you are walking into history; the shelves are still filled with products from the past (which are, by the way, still for sale). On the top floor, you will find an exhibition about the history of the grocery business.

Tips from the team

Francis about her favourite spots in Leeuwarden

15 MIN

Frisian Nature Museum

At the Nature museum in Friesland you get to discover everything about nature you could imagine. Due to the ever changing exhibitions and activities programs there is always something new to discover. The museum has four floors each filled with information regarding special animals and plants, and with assignments and experiments you can perform. 

10 MIN


The Oldehove is the city's figurehead. Our very own "Tower of Pisa". The construction of the tower started in 1529, but was never completed. And although the tower never had a special function, it has become one of the most characteristic buildings of the city and is therefore called the pride of Leeuwarden. 

10 MIN


Until 2007, the Blokhuispoort was Leeuwarden's prison. Now it is a cultural business centre where all sorts of creative people are based. There is a hostel where you can experience what it is like to spend the night in a cell, a restaurant and several shops. This historical environment is definitely worth a visit!


The Weighing House

De Waag, the Weighing House, is a centuries-old monumental building that was once used for trading dairy products. Nowadays, it is a place where you can enjoy a cosy drink or a delicious lunch while admiring a unique sight. A must-see, if you ask us!

12 MIN


The Prinsentuin, built in 1648, is a city park in the centre of Leeuwarden. It has been a much loved place by the citizens for years. Here you can relax with friends and have a picnic or barbecue, or you could go for a lovely walk. During the summer, small concerts are held in the gazebo, making the park the place to be during summer time. The Prinsentuin park is also known as the student backyard. 


Slieker Film

On the Wilheminaplein in Leeuwarden, you will find the Slieker Film theatre. Slieker Film has a varied and special film programme. The film theatre is located in the same building as the Fries Museum; ideal to combine a visit to both!


Fries Museum

The Fries Museum has been located in Leeuwarden since 1881 and is entertainment for all. You could visit the museum for the Frisian history, but you could also visit the newest exhibitions. The Fries Museum tells stories about the eleven cities and the quest to define the 'typical Frisian man or woman', and much more. If you like history, this place is definitely worth a visit.

The Fries Verzetsmuseum is a part of the Fries Museum. The stories of the Frisian and non-Frisian people who lived in the countryside between 1940 and 1945 have been told. 

t andere museum
20 MIN

't Andere Museum

In this rather small museum, historical cars originating from both Europe and America can be seen. Next to this, there are modeltrains and radios are shown. This museum is located in a beautiful old warehouse.