Tips from the team

Francis about her favourite spots in Leeuwarden

Francis has not only been the friendly face at the reception for years, she is also the social media guru of Oranje Hotel Leeuwarden. So you can be sure that she knows all the nice places in Leeuwarden!

Sint Anthony Gasthuis

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you visit Leeuwarden, but the Sint Anthony Gasthuis is definitely worth a visit according to Francis. ‘I have always loved old houses and buildings and I just like admiring them, which is why I love the Sint Anthony Gasthuis. As soon as you walk through the gate, it's like an oasis of tranquility. You can stroll around in the garden, and there are several almshouses in the neighbourhood. Not only that, but also the church, Jewish school and Jewish monument are nearby. If you like old buildings and history just as much as I do, these are highly recommended.’

Blokhuispoort (Blokhuis gate)

An old prison that has been transformed into a cultural centre? You can find it in Leeuwarden! ‘The Blokhuispoort is more known, but is definitely on my list of favourites. Just like the guesthouse, the Blokhuispoort is also an old building, so it is beautiful to look at in itself. To me, it looks a bit like a small castle with that gate. I have lived in Leeuwarden all my life and I can still remember that it used to be a prison and that prisoners were held there. In 2008 it became a cultural centre. There’s a library and in the old cells there are all kinds of small shops, but they are also being rented as rooms by a hostel. So you can just sleep in the cell for a night without actually being in prison. At night the gate closes, which seems quite exciting actually.’

Proeflokaal Wouters

The best restaurant is according to Francis without a doubt Proeflokaal Wouters! Francis: ‘Proeflokaal Wouters is 100% my favourite restaurant. The dish that I really love there, is the steak tips with herb butter. I could literally eat that all the time. They have a bit of a French kitchen with fish, meat and of course vegetarian dishes.’

Oranje-hotel-leeuwarden-prinsentuin-image-1.width-1986 (1).png

Relaxing in the Prinsentuin

When the sun is out, the Prinsentuin in Leeuwarden is the best place to go to: ‘My favourite place to go on a hot summer day is definitely the Prinsentuin. It is a very long piece of green along the water, truly the city garden of Leeuwarden. You can sit or stroll there and afterwards have a nice picnic along the water. I always enjoy sitting in the sun and watching the boats sail by.’

Remarkable museums

Leeuwarden may not seem like such a big city, but there are lots of nice museums to be found. ‘As you have probably guessed by now, I really like old buildings and history. In the building of the Fries Museum there is also the Fries Verzetsmuseum. I always find that very interesting and that is also one of my favourite museums. Another great attraction is the Grutterswinkel. This is actually a sort of mini museum. It is an old shop where nothing has changed over the years. You can have a cup of coffee there, but you can also buy those old sweets that you hardly ever see anymore.’